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Gold tin solder

Gold tin solder

简介:以金锡为代表的贵金属钎料在工业领域有着广泛的应用。该类钎料具有稳定的化学稳定性,良好的耐腐蚀性,良好的机械强度,和良好的浸润性,被广泛应用于高性能和高可靠性电子封装和钎焊连接领域。 BOLIN®栢林电子提供的贵金属焊料包括了金(Au)基系列、钯(Pd)基系列和银(Ag)基系列。

Gold Au based series solders have a long history of use in the electronic packaging industry. It has the unique advantages of strong corrosion resistance, low vapor pressure, good fluidity and wettability. It is often used in military and other high reliability, air tight packaging, chip packaging and other scenes. Commonly used gold-based solders include gold tin solder, gold germanium solder and gold copper solder.
Gold Tin Au80Sn20 preformed pad
Au80Sn20 eutectic solder is a gold-based precious metal solder with high oxidation resistance, good creep resistance, good wettability, high welding joint strength and good thermal conductivity. It is mainly used for optoelectronic packaging, high reliability (such as InP laser diode), high-power electronic device circuit airtight packaging and chip packaging.
Gold germanium au88ge12 preformed pad
Au88ge12 gold germanium eutectic solder has the advantages of low vapor pressure, low contact resistance, good adhesion to the substrate, high conductivity and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in GaAs MESFET (GaAs metal semiconductor Schottky junction field effect transistor). M / s systems with different composition with Au, Ni and other metals are used to form ohmic contact. Gold germanium alloy is also widely used as low melting point solder for transistors, integrated circuits and other components.
Gold copper au80cu20, au50cu50 preformed solder pieces
Au Cu solder has appropriate melting point, good fluidity and the ability to fill small gaps. It has good wettability to copper, nickel, iron, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other metals and their alloys. It has no obvious chemical interaction with the base metal, so it will not reduce the strength and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece after brazing. It is widely used in brazing of vacuum devices, such as high-power magnetron, waveguide, vacuum instrument parts and so on.


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