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Solid solder

简介:相较于传统的焊锡丝和焊膏等焊料给料手段,预成型焊料具有焊料量精准、一致性高、空洞率低和简化工艺操作等优点。特别是对于一些特殊的微组装操作场景,合适形状的预成型焊料更是具有不可替代的辅助作用。 随着电子封装集成度、复杂度和可靠性要求越来越高,对于预成型焊料的成型提出了越来越高的要求。 BOLIN®栢林电子将材料成型作为核心技术之一。经过十余年的发展进步,已形成以常规预成型焊料大规模稳定量产为基础,复杂高难度焊片多样发展。为客户的量产产品和前沿研发项目提供稳定的焊料支持。 你天马行空的创意,栢林可以帮你实现!

In some special application scenarios, due to inherent factors such as accessibility and insufficient solid content, the traditional solder feeding method can not ensure the complete filling of the strip welding area, resulting in a series of problems such as poor consistency, poor reliability and insufficient bonding strength of welding products.
In order to ensure the full amount of solder, three-dimensional solder beyond the traditional blanking form can be used. Through special molding process, various complex three-dimensional shapes (such as thin-walled tubular solder) are made

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